Ro/Bo Design portfolio
Video Production

During my time in video pre/post production I have become familiar with all aspects to filming from storyboarding to special effects, the following videos are the best examples of these skills being performed along with the role I had to play in the production.

The Warband Teaser Trailer - Created in Photoshop, manipulated in Aftereffects and cut in Premier.
Inner Memoriam Short Film - Created as part of a group project for Beacons Festival, I specifically created the ident.
Zombieland Tribute - This film demonstrates my ability with a camera and editing both sounds and image.
Outskirts 3D Ident - This simple festival ident was created in 3DS max and edited using Adobe Premier.
The Warband Teaser Trailer
Inner Memoriam Short Film
Zombieland Tribute
Outskirts 3D Ident